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    Planetside 2 Performance Boost

    14 January 2013 , by ebena

    In this post your going to find some Planetside 2 performance boost. Be it FPS or just a better looking game.   First before anything, you need to understand what that nifty little Alt+F feature is telling you in-game. This was taken from a devs mouth on the official planetside 2 forums:  When the indicator shows [GPU] that means the... Read more

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    Planetside 2 Hex Crash Fixed! ...

    8 January 2013 , by ebena

    Now that the smoke has settled it’s time to explain a little bug.   THIS! Would cause an entire hex to become a crash only zone. I.E. As soon as you entered the tile you crashed, and so did everyone else for a few minutes.   It is now fixed. To celebrate such a glorious moment, TR and their glorious leader Total Biscuit decide...... Read more

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    War Z offline thanks to hacke...

    4 January 2013 , by ebena

    Markeed Dragon, a mmorpg youtube blogger, has gotten an interview with the person behind the recent War Z downtime. When asked why? The supposed hacker said, “they have been bad, they need to be punished….I got a lot of players from skype supporting me…but I’m not doing this for the players.” The self-proclaimed “... Read more

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    Star Wars: The Old Republic St...

    2 January 2013 , by Keith

    01.02.2013 Star Wars: The Old Republic – State of the Game #2 Hello again everyone! It has been an amazing couple of months since my last State of the Game blog. It feels like a good time to jump in again and give you a brief rundown on how we are doing, what is coming up next, and to tackle... Read more

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    Planetside 2 is losing this fi...

    1 January 2013 , by ebena

    Planetside 2 hacks. While we’ve all been enjoying our holidays and splooging our wallets and mouths, the hacker community has been on warpath. Most of the planetside 2 developers took a nice long well deserved break after working like a mule on the game for the last 6 months.   Unfortunately, the hackers have taken advantage in that lull to..... Read more

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