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    Browser Add-On: Steam Enhanced

    5 June 2014 , by Zalaxy

    Got a new add-on for you guys to check out. It’s called Steam Enhanced. It has some absolutely amazing features, namely where to find the cheapest version of the game that works on steam.   Take a look at this screenshot showcasing what changes on a game’s individual page. You can see the price history, that the game requires 3rd..... Read more

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    Battlefield 4 Launch Guide!

    27 October 2013 , by Zalaxy

    Alright ladies! It’s almost showtime! We’re less than 24 hours from the Battlefield 4 launch!  In this battlefield 4 launch guide were going to go over some of the essentials  Launch Time: Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, what the fuck are you talking about Zal? The game doesn’t release until Tuesday. Well, listen u... Read more

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    Battlefield 4 Giveaway

    22 October 2013 , by Zalaxy

    Razer has launched a new giveaway! Just give a like to their battlefield 4 facebook status and your entered to win! Pro-Tip: This is why it’s always good to have a fake facebook/twitter/etc that you use just to sign up for events. Click the image below to enter the giveaway: Read more

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    BATTLEPACKS! Would you like to...

    17 October 2013 , by Zalaxy

    Dice has explained a little more about their battlepacks! Click here for more information.  Read more

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    Were Playing Cube World, and Y...

    5 July 2013 , by Zalaxy

    Cube World has just been given a public alpha tag. Which has enabled the public at large to buy and play the game akin to minecraft’s alpha.   Make no mistake though, this game is not minecraft. It took all the missing or poor elements in minecraft: 4 Different Classes Skill Trees Fun Combat Tamable Pets Dungeons Boss Mobs Crafting Recip... Read more

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