About Us

Who are we?

A close knit group of gaming friends that started gaming together over 7 years ago in another star wars mmorpg, called Star Wars Galaxies. At the time and for a long time, some 5 years, the knots of friendship, bromances, and even romances surfaced between us. By around 2007-2008 we were gaming together in the same guilds. We would join guilds and stay in our little circle of friends trying to avoid the common issues in mmorpgs like drama or power struggles. Eventually some of us grew disinterested in Star Wars Galaxies and migrated to new worlds with virgin horizons. Some of us went to Vanguard, others to WoW, but we always kept in touch and gamed together.

Around 2009 we grew heavily involved in e-orgies. Hopefully I’ve kept your attention still and you didn’t just skim that last line. Anyways, after 2009 we played tons of games together and have been as close as two bananas can possibly be(no homo). Since then we have been GoTMing it up and laughing it up.

What does (GoTM) mean?

We all have our different tastes in video game genre’s but usually there is always a Game of the Moment(GoTM) that we all play together. Right now for example the GoTM for us is SWTOR and BF3. When Mass Effect 3 come’s out that will be the GoTM and then we’ll most likely go back to SWTOR and BF3.

What are we?

I want to make a point here to avoid the term, “guild”, as that doesn’t really explain us. Were friends, lovers, life partners, and even slaves to each other. We don’t have a ranking structure and have a hard cap of people allowed in. Don’t take this as an elitist attitude, just realize that we don’t want a guild that has separate cliques within it. That destroy’s the entire notion of who we are. Just some friends who love video games. No more and no less. Once your in the club, there is no changing that unless you will it to be. We all have equal voices in any decisions.

What do you mean “in the club”?

That’s just the slang I use to refer if your in the group. We have 2 Ranks in this group. Recruit and Member. Recruit is when your new. This is where you test the waters to see if we fit with you and vice versa. Were not looking for numbers, classes, or any of that prejudice crap. If we all get along then your in. It’s that simple. This process can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months. If by 3 months we haven’t seen enough of each other(has never happened) then we cut ties and call it GG.


Quick Summary

  • A Coterie of Friends who enjoy video games.
  • We bust each others balls, so don’t bother if you have sensitive skin.
  • If you enjoy video games and want some people to game with, that’s us.
  • No Hierarchy, just two ranks: Recruit and Member.
  • Recruit is where you see if you mold with us and vice versa.
  • Member is what everyone else is.
  • Everyone has a equal voice.
  • We only keep a maximum of 50 people at any time(no exceptions) to prevent guild drama.

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