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    Planetside 2 Performance Boost

    14 January 2013 , by Zalaxy

    In this post your going to find some Planetside 2 performance boost. Be it FPS or just a better looking game.   First before anything, you need to understand what that nifty little Alt+F feature is telling you in-game. This was taken from a devs mouth on the official planetside 2 forums:  When the indicator shows [GPU] that means the... Read more

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    Planetside 2 Hex Crash Fixed! ...

    8 January 2013 , by Zalaxy

    Now that the smoke has settled it’s time to explain a little bug.   THIS! Would cause an entire hex to become a crash only zone. I.E. As soon as you entered the tile you crashed, and so did everyone else for a few minutes.   It is now fixed. To celebrate such a glorious moment, TR and their glorious leader Total Biscuit decide...... Read more

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    Planetside 2 is losing this fi...

    1 January 2013 , by Zalaxy

    Planetside 2 hacks. While we’ve all been enjoying our holidays and splooging our wallets and mouths, the hacker community has been on warpath. Most of the planetside 2 developers took a nice long well deserved break after working like a mule on the game for the last 6 months.   Unfortunately, the hackers have taken advantage in that lull to..... Read more

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    Triple Station Cash Sale! This...

    30 October 2012 , by Zalaxy

    !!! Any more exclamation points at this point would be cause for an involuntary orgasm.   Smedly recently confirmed on his twitter feed that this upcoming sunday, the 4th of November, of an upcoming Station Cash Sale.       That means if you buy 40 Dollars of Station Cash sunday, you get over 12,000 Station Cash! Read more

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