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    New Elder Scrolls Online Gamep...

    28 May 2013 , by Zalaxy

    Classes: The gist of the video: Classes are “supposedly” more open ended. “A class is really your starting point, a class is us saying, here’s 3 extra skill lines you get to choose.”  said Paul Sage the Creative Director for the game.  I.E. Picking a class opens up a couple of new skill trees to match your archetype. S... Read more

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    A new game is afoot…

    10 May 2013 , by Zalaxy

    My friends I bring news from the frontlines!   We must rethink the grand strategy in our war against the legions of boredom. As your supreme chancellor commander king dictator hive master I have issued a new edict against the minions of apathy!   We will boldly go where none of us has gone before. We will adventure to the... Read more

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    SWTOR 1.7.2 Tomorrow With̷...

    11 March 2013 , by Keith

    Developer post by EricMusco today!   “I wonder when it is too… OH WAIT I KNOW! Here are the details! Game update 1.7.2 is going live with tomorrow morning’s maintenance! That’s right, you will be playing the Gree Event once again within 24 hours. Also since I know this will come up, the Gree Event will be running from M... Read more

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    SWTOR Game Update 2.0

    21 February 2013 , by Zalaxy

    With the release of the monsterous 2.0 game update on the PTS yesterday, also came another monster.  The Stabilizer crash of Game Update 1.9. Right now the price of Molecular Stabilizers has gone from a trading average of 158,000 credits to 118,000 credits and is still trending downwards(UPDATE:Within the 10 minutes it took to write this post, stab... Read more

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    WAR!!! The Elder Scrolls Beta ...

    22 January 2013 , by Aus

      The sign up for The Elder Scrolls Online is now live! As we know TES:O has been in development for a while now, now while its not the type of game we had hoped for (Sandbox) , it still has somethings that at least i find promising. the game will be set in the continent of Tamriel and feature... Read more

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