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Planetside 2 is losing this fight against the hacks

Planetside 2 hacks. While we’ve all been enjoying our holidays and splooging our wallets and mouths, the hacker community has been on warpath. Most of the planetside 2 developers took a nice long well deserved break after working like a mule on the game for the last 6 months.   Unfortunately, the hackers have taken advantage in that lull to come out in force…and boy, have the flood gates been ravaged. Here are some hacks to look out for while your playing and how you can prevent/or report it.



Currently there’s a hack out there that can teleport players to walk higher, lower, or to their personal waypoint(the one you place on your map). This hack has a low spot rate with a majority of the users still playing currently. It’s only a week old though, but some people are intentionally abusing it to see how long it takes. One player reported a 500+ kill streak and has used the hack for over 6 days with no ban.


Alternatively, there’s a variation of this where you teleport to right behind any enemy player on the crosshairs. This one has been active for 7 days as well.




This one has been around since August in one variation or another. Usually they combine a wallhack/maphack with a auto track. 50/50 shelf life here.




This allows players to spot enemys anywhere without any aimbotting. Allowing for player skill. This is one of the hardest to detect/report because it relies on the player itself.


Circumventing Bans

This one is new, but it allows players to circumvent the ban planetside issues out. Planetside 2 doesn’t do an ip ban, something a little more complicated like a mac address. This has been around for a few days and this is one of the most glaring hacks.


A side note about the rumored “mass disconnect” exploits. Their is no such exploit on any of the sites I checked out. I ended up going through 100+ posts and over 20 forums/websites. This issue looks to be more of a server side malfunction then a deliberate hack/exploit.

The above information is out of date and turned out to be wrong, but right. See this post for more information. 

Overall Planetside 2 doesn’t look too good right now. The sad truth of the matter is that these hacks hurt the community and divert development time from new content. Hopefully the next few weeks see’s most of these bugs squashed.

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  1. *And you clowns are complaining about War Z. It’s just as bad on Planetside apparently. The same exact hacks…

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