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War Z offline thanks to hacker.

Markeed Dragon, a mmorpg youtube blogger, has gotten an interview with the person behind the recent War Z downtime. When asked why? The supposed hacker said, “they have been bad, they need to be punished….I got a lot of players from skype supporting me…but I’m not doing this for the players.”

The self-proclaimed “hacktivist” admitted that he didn’t target the dns servers that stopped everyone from connecting earlier this week. When the dev team fixed that, they or he(word’s still out if he did this solo or with the help of his friends), began a DDOS server against the login servers. Some of you may be experiencing some deju vu here and that’s because something like this[1] has[2] occurred[3] before.


So there you have it folks. If you ever want to irreparably hurt a developer, ddos their servers. Because it’s worked phenomenally in the past. Minecraft, League of Legends, or all of the Ubisoft lineup never could recover from those lethal ddos attacks. I’ll grant you this though, this game is a flash powder game. Get as many buyers as possible within the shortest amount of time and then dump it. This wouldn’t be the first time the developer has completely abandoned a project after donations(cough War Inc. cough).


One thing is for sure. This game is burning brightly…for the better or worse remains to be seen.


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