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Planetside 2 Performance Boost

In this post your going to find some Planetside 2 performance boost. Be it FPS or just a better looking game.


First before anything, you need to understand what that nifty little Alt+F feature is telling you in-game. This was taken from a devs mouth on the official planetside 2 forums:

 When the indicator shows [GPU] that means the graphics card is getting behind drawing AWESOME. The game code (CPU) is feeding information (through the driver) to the graphics card faster than it can fling pixels at the screen. The game eventually has to wait for the graphics card to catch up. If the graphics card is finishing its work FASTER than the game can feed data to it, then the indicator shows [CPU]. This does not mean your CPU is at 100%, it means the graphics card is getting bored. You can give it more work to do by turning up some of the graphics settings. AT THE MOMENT the optimal point is where the GPU indicator is flipping to [CPU] in large battles, but goes back to [GPU] when things settle down a bit.

Now for the tips and tricks:

  • Unpark your CPU Core
    • Option 1: Download this program and follow the easy 1-2-3 buttons to unpark your cpu. Might be a good idea to read about what unparking your cpu cores does and weigh the pros/cons.
    • Option 2: Follow this guide and go into the registry to do it manually.
      • Performance boost will vary. Some users report almost nominal increase of 1 fps, while others report 5-15 fps increase in BIG battles.
      • Unparking your CPU will cause your CPU to run hotter. If you overclock already or run a laptop, it is highly advised to avoid this option.
  • Edit your planetside 2 useroptions.ini to enable and disable options that normally aren’t allowed(Ultra settings, PhysX, or turning off shadows)
    • File location by default is: c/program files(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/planetside2 or C:UsersPublicSony Online EntertainmentInstalled GamesPlanetSide 2
    • Go to this pastebin link and change the options you would like
      • Disabling shadows isn’t allowed through the in-game options, but the useroptions.ini file can disable it.
      • Changing your FOV past 74.
        • About PhysX. Nvidia users will enjoy a sharing of the PhysX load between their CPU and GPU.
        • ATI users can still enjoy PhysX but the entire load will be pushed onto your CPU. 
      • Changing the render distance to around 1000 is comparable to drop pod height. Render distance does NOT change vehicle or infantry range, it changes the distance land is loaded.
        • Dramatic FPS Boost
  • If you run a 32 bit windows(x86) then your performance can be improved by changing the amount of ram Planetside 2 has access to.
    • Only do this if you have 32 bit windows and a Large amount of Ram.
  • Download the latest AMD or Nvidia drivers. AMD users reported a much more stable game after the 12.10 drivers.

One thought on “Planetside 2 Performance Boost

  1. There is a way to setup physx in planetside 2 now. You have to go to your useroptions.ini file in the main planetside 2 directory and add the following lines to the bottom of the rendering section:


    I have tried it my self and it looks like it is working fine, though I have not participated in any big battles yet.


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