Those People 3.0

It’s with great pride and pleasure I introduce to you….

*ahem drum roll please*


Those People 3.0! Now with even more penis!


Just kidding! Actually no. We do have much more penis now. You know what.




There, out of the system. Hopefully we’ve reached the quota for the year. Moving on to more important things.

New theme is up on the website. This one is (hopefully) much more user friendly. We can all share reviews for products, movies, books, or even games. I’m also going to be posting guides on how to post, use, and abuse the website in the coming week. This website has had alot of features that no one really knows about. For example you can create your own private teamspeak from the website if you wanted. You can even remotely kick other people on a teamspeak from the website during those pesky ban-galore firestorms.


I’m doing this for a couple of reasons.

  • One of them being the website see’s little to no activity and I want that to change(I admit I don’t use it enough).
  • I need some practice in before I launch 2 more websites in the next month.
  • Most of the unique traffic on the entire server comes from the website
  • Most of the bot traffic focuses on the forums(costing extra bandwidth for no good reason)

Which brings me to my last point. I’m going to turn the forums into registration only at this point. No bots allowed. Which means that the forums are completely private now.


Oh before I forget let me back up here and share some of the numbers with the website in it’s first year of infancy.

This is our traffic for the year. As you can see our traffic rose and fell while we all played TOR and then fell into a plateau while we wandered. Once we picked another active game the traffic went back up.

And this is our referring report. As you can see not much really going on here. I checked out the blog, and some of the others. Their mostly using our weekly reports. Which is odd considering I’m using reddit’s top weekly posts as a report…Well anyways another scary trend is that that top number was 800,000 24 hours ago. So I’m going to go cock block this bot attack now…No seriously I just noticed the huge change now.



One thought on “Those People 3.0

  1. Good job Zal. Much more effort than I’d ever put into it 🙂 I’ll take a look. I usually just stick to the forums.

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