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A new game is afoot…

My friends I bring news from the frontlines!


We must rethink the grand strategy in our war against the legions of boredom. As your supreme chancellor commander king dictator hive master I have issued a new edict against the minions of apathy!


We will boldly go where none of us has gone before. We will adventure to the free-to-plays, small indie, and trial mmorpgs!


It’s simple really. Were looking for games to play together without spending 30-60 bucks a week for a new game that might or might not pan out for some social interaction with each other. Now, hear me out before you get all hub flub ftp is the devils spawns. The purpose to play these games is not to stick around for years on end. The purpose is to provide us some fun for a couple of hours, days, or even weeks.


So here’s this month’s prospects:


That’s the beauty of it. Instead of trying to squeeze all the juice out of 1 game, were just going to move to another game when the fun stops. Every suggestion will get at least an attempt of a playthrough by me. I can’t guarantee others.