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Krad no longer allowed to give massages.

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In a bizarre accident yesterday night a one, nubbed zabrak male, who goes by the name of Krad was seen fleeing the scene of a crime. When the Corellia Special Forces showed up and we asked them for comment, they spoke candidly, “Lady, We got a Wookiee with a  possible 1-2302-A-13 injury. It’s horrible. What kind of man breaks the back of a Wookiee? What is this world coming to?” We are able to ask a witness, the Wookiee’s honor guard, what happened.

“Good Evening Sir, is it alright if we ask what happened here tonight?”

The man has tears running down his eyes

“I’ll tell you what happened. That son of a <bleep> Krad tells me he’s a trained master in chiropractic over 34 different planets and 69 moons. Bowdarr, my friend and honor guard, was complaining of back problems because he got this new vibrosword that was 3 kilograms heavier. Anyways, so Krad is like I’ll fix this no problem. Next thing I know, this happens!

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