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The website is temporarily under construction

One day, while I was surfing for better plugins for the site, I came across a few tests you could run to see how optimized and fast your website is. I was embarrassed by the results. Google gave us a 45/100 and webpage test gave us F, B, B, F, F, X in that order. So I’ve been working on improving the speed of the site.


Unforgivably I’ve had other matters to attend to, because of that I haven’t been able to finish what I started, as of right now certain features are disabled temporarily. The most obvious feature being the disabling of the chatbox. I just wanted to explain why the site is a little messed up right now. I’ll get on it tomorrow. When I finish the optimization I’ll make a nice blog post with pictures to brag about the work I did. It’s awesome and there will be pretty pictures and charts to boot.



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