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Introducing Virtual DnD! Future Event Inbound

I’m super excited to announce something I’ve been dying to find. A great virtual DnD web site. The website in question is called  What you see below is a video of what the website can do:

[youtube id=”5-aJLyYUXa0″ width=”640″ height=”480″]


Now before you guys write me off…Hear me out. THIS IS EVERYTHING WE HAVE EVER WANTED FROM A GAME. The one thing we all have in common without question is our aptitude to RPGs and our love of the RPG(Mass Effect, Witcher, Deus Ex, Final Fantasy, etc. etc.). This website is like that super hot out of your league friend who brings all her friends to the party for your friends, because we all know bitches like hot friends. P.S. We are the bitches in this scenario. Except we all know in that last scenario you wake up with a chubby or the female equivalent(kradz and kim) and realize it was all a dream. THIS IS NOT A DREAM SON GET YOUR DICK IN THE READY.


Alright to explain what table top rpg’s are exactly for those unfamiliar or too attached to the “cool people” stigma and how table-top rpgs are for losers what follows below are examples of what table-top rpg games are capable off.


OR here is a clip from Community’s geekgasm of an episode of DnD:

[youtube id=”TzPA5TLAYvE” width=”640″ height=”480″]


The point being here…We can create any type of game or world we want. A zombie/nazi/game of thrones mixture world or a sci-fi/dystopian/sex enslaved/Asian exclusive/totalitarian state world. The world’s and characters we create are anything we want. We could play a game where Mojo(Kradzz’s cat for the unawares) has taken over the all-powerful crown of uber which grants Mojo the command of the 7 kittens of doom. We must defeat each kitten of doom and their unique powers one by one before we can take on Mojo and save the kingdom.


I Want this. I’ve started work on creating an epic maps in and custom those people decks. I want you guys to join me. I want you guys to give it a try so badly that I’m going to be giving prizes away to the winner/winners of our third adventure. Why our third adventure? Simply really, to quell any imbalances or bugs I may make in the first two runs. You may want to participate in all the runs as well because characters will carry over and there will be perma-death. I.E. You can complete our first adventure and carry your characters items and stats into the second adventure, but if you die in the first adventure then you enter as a new hero in adventure 2.


Who’s interested?

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