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  • Voss Bioanalysis Node Maps
    Click image for larger version. </p><br />
<p>Name:	Voss Bioanalysis Farming.png <br /><br />
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ID:	1625Players that have the Bioanalysis gathering skillmay already know that Voss is a great place to farm grade 5 Biochemical Compounds and Samples

  • Legacy vendor in 1.2
    Are you one of those people farming orange bracers/belts for your characters? Or maybe you are a marauder/sentinel and wondering why there isn’t any orange bacers/belts for you! Have no fear! Legacy vendors are coming in 1.2 and they will solve all your problems! (ok maybe not all).   Legacy vendors are a set of …Continue reading »
  • Class icons for 1.2!
    Something that is new in 1.2 is the introduction of class icons! These are icons on top of yourself and other player’s head that will tell you what class/advanced class they are. This was done for the ease of identification of player classes since in 1.2 many players will be wearing orange custom armors due …Continue reading »
  • The Story in Game Update 1.2
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ID:	1619Charles Boyd, a BioWare writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic gave us some insight on the story behind Game Update 1.2. Every piece of new content comes with a story that reveals a little bit more about the current state of the galaxy, including of course the never-ending

  • 1.2 New Armor Models
    Hey everyone, I went on the PTS after 1.2 went live and took screenshots of all the new tier endgame PvP/PvE armors. The first two pictures are just showing you the new models while the next couple will show you all the color variations possible within a class. There are currently 2 color variations for …Continue reading »
  • Game Update 1.2 – PTS Patch Notes
    Bioware quote Posted by: BioWare (PTS Patch Notes – Game Update 1.2)
    The patch notes published for the Public Test Server are not final and are subject to change. Currently, only English notes are available, but French and German versions will be published when they are available.Highlights

  • Community Q&A: March 16th 2012
    It’s that time of the week again – the Community Q&A. With the Game Update 1.2 being deployed on the PTS as we speak…let’s just say this Friday got more and more interesting.Ziko:Already having 8 characters on my server…will I be forced to delete characters in order to take advantage of the Legacy system or will I be able to change race & new Legacy customization features on pre-existing characters and will there be more character slots added?

    Bioware quote Posted by: Georg Zoeller

  • Game Update 1.2 is hitting the PTS tonight
    It seems that Bioware is deploying Game Update 1.2 on the Public Test Server tonight. We don’t have an ETA yet, but it should be up within the next couple of hours. We’re told that we’re also gonna have the first official set of Patch Notes, so stay tuned. Reports are that the Public Test Server Game Update 1.2 is roughly 980MB.

    Bioware quote Posted by: Amber Green
    Please be advised that the Public Test Server will be unavailable at 6:30PM CST (4:30PM PST/ 8:30PM

  • Credit Farming: Traxex’s Guide to fast and easy credits
    Sons of Plunder! (Updated with Video)This is one legit way to make some fast credits. First of all, note that this guide is aimed at Empire players. Also it requires that you are level 44-50, because I?m taking you

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