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  • Guild Bank and Vehicle Achievements in 1.2
    Hey everyone, guild banks and vehicle achievements (achievements that grant you vehicles) are two of the smaller features coming to 1.2. Since they are both relatively small features, I have decided to clump them together and write about both at once! Guild Bank Guild Bank is finally here! This feature is relatively standard in most …

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  • Endgame crafting mats and space missions in 1.2!
    Hey everyone! Patch 1.2 has finally made a lot of the endgame exotic crafting materials (Alien Data Cube, Biometric Crystal Alloy, Self-Perpetuating Power Cell and Rakata Energy Node) tradeable and also added an entirely new list  of crafting materials (Molecular Stabilizer, Synthetic Energy Matrix, Baradium Flux). What is neat is that you can also obtain …

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  • Game Update 1.2 – PTS Patch Notes 4/4/2012
    Bioware just rolled a new set of changes on the PTS. Here they are:

    Bioware quote Posted by: Bioware (PTS Patch Notes)
    Flashpoints and Operations



  • Game Update 1.2: Ranked Warzones, New Medals & Craftable PVP gear
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Name:	Sage.jpg 
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ID:	1830I finally had the opportunity to try some ranked warzones on the PTS. Didn’t had the chance to see everything I’ve wanted (since 50s queues take 6 hours), but there are a few nice things which I would like to share.

    Let’s start by saying

  • The Friends Trial Program has been expanded
    Bioware expanded the SWTOR Friends Trial Program which allowed any active SWTOR player to invite up to 3 friends – now, you’ll be able to invite up to 25 friends to try The Old Republic.

    Bioware quote Posted by: Bioware
    BioWare and LucasArts are excited to announce that we have extended the amount of friends a player can invite in the Star Wars?: The Old Republic? Friends Trial! Players who have an active Star Wars: The Old Republic subscription will now be

  • Patch Notes 1.1.5e – 4/3/2012
    Bioware quote Posted by: BioWare
    Patch Notes 1.1.5e – (4/3/2012)


    – Updated several areas in order to increase general server stability.

  • 1.2 Endgame PvE gear & full set stat comparisons
    Hey everyone, with the upcoming release of 1.2, there will be two new PvE endgame armor sets to “grind” for. One is the Black Hole armor set which can be purchased via Black Hole Commendations that drops from Nightmare Karagga’s Palace, storymode Explosive Conflict, and Corellia Black Hole weekly. The other is the Campaign set …

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  • Game Update 1.2: The Ship Droid mini-game
    It seems the Ship Droid is getting much more love than we originally anticipated. So, let’s cut the teasing short…presenting the brand new mini-game, Ship Droid?. Now, while this seems like an April’s Fools joke, you’ll still get some good laughs. Here’s some words from the pranksters…ermm…Bioware.

    Bioware quote Posted by: Bioware
    Features of this mini-game include cleaning the cockpit windows, calibrating the ship?s food processors,

  • Community Q&A: March 30 2012 (Game Update 1.2 Edition)
    This week’s community Q&A focuses on the upcoming Game Update 1.2 which is currently running rampant on the PTS.

    Clone_troope: I still don?t get how the Legacy system works. I have a level 50 Jedi Knight Guardian and a level 50 Smuggler Scoundrel. With the Legacy system can one ?inherit? the abilities of the other and vice versa?

    Bioware quote Posted by: Daniel Erickson (Lead Game Designer)

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