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Good News Everyone!

I’m glad to announce that we are about 50% functional. That’s 100% more then yesterday! With this announcement I wanted to share a few features of the website.

  • You can become a news editor and post articles on the main news feed only after you gain enough points in the forums. Walk before you run kiddies.
  • Hopefully, testing this post to verify, any news article posted on the site is posted on the forums and vice versa.
  • The website is complete in bare bones form. More features will come online.
  • The forums are even less done then the website. Forums are about 1/4 done.
  • Teamspeak is dead in the water at the moment. This is my main priority at the moment.
  • I fudged up on our DNS Hosting bit so the server getting outside updates is out of the question until I fix this.


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