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Battlefield 4 Launch Guide!

Alright ladies! It’s almost showtime!

We’re less than 24 hours from the Battlefield 4 launch! 

In this battlefield 4 launch guide were going to go over some of the essentials

 Launch Time:

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, what the fuck are you talking about Zal? The game doesn’t release until Tuesday. Well, listen up sucka! I’m going to show you how you can start playing Battlefield by 11:00 AM Monday Eastern time!!!


  1. Go to internet options>connections tab>LAN settings>check the proxy server box and enter a proxy server along with the port. You can get proxies from
  2.   Look for the country you want(Singapore, Korea, or Vietnam) to use and put one of those proxies in the proxy server box in internet option. Also, dont forget about the port number.*
  3.  Launch origin **
  4. Turn Proxy off
  • please note that VPN server can see everything you send if it wants to. So, please change your Origin password after this.
    •  Origin Rep’s have confirmed that you will not be banned for doing this. The same steps were taking during the launch of Battlefield 3

Fair warning, although this will allow you to launch battlefield 4 into single player mode, a DICE rep on reddit confirmed that Battlelog(the web service) will launch at the same time across the world on Monday. What this mean’s is that while you may be able to play the game early, you will not be able to play multiplayer until Battlelog launches. A time we have no ETA on.

Server Time:


So DICE released documentation to server operator’s last night. A couple of surprises did show up. But first, this is the recommended server size for each game mode:


Next up, and the surprise is the different settings we can change. Please note that there are 3 different “categories”:

  • Official ~ Quick Match Accessible
  • Ranked ~ Server Browser Accessible
  • Private ~ Unranked, must have password.

First Page of BF4 Settings
Second Page of BF4 Settings


The takeaway here is that if you want to be on the other end of the quickmatch button we have to disable a few admin settings. Those settings are Kicking, Slaying, Banning, Having a Ban List, Aggressive Reserve Slots, and No Commander Mode. If we want any of those setting’s then players have to connect to us by manually searching the server browser.


One final note on the server: It still isn’t running yet, but as soon as I get the email I’ll be sending it to you gentleman as I’ll most likely be at work. I got us a procon server as well, but it won’t work until we have our server information.

Game Time:


I finish this guide off with one final tip about improving your aim in Battlefield 4: