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War Z offline thanks to hacker.

Markeed Dragon, a mmorpg youtube blogger, has gotten an interview with the person behind the recent War Z downtime. When asked why? The supposed hacker said, “they have been bad, they need to be punished….I got a lot of players from skype supporting me…but I’m not doing this for the players.” The self-proclaimed “hacktivist” admitted […]

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Most notable gaming news for this week is as follows: Ian Hardingham (lead dev of Frozen Synapse) on how F2P negatively affects game design submitted by TargetS [link] [20 comments] First gameplay trailer for Activision’s FPS "The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct" submitted by pakman99 [link] [125 comments] Diablo III PVP stalled, devs going ‘back to […]