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  • SWTOR Dailies: Corellia, Ilum, Belsavis
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    The following article will talk about all the sources and mission where you can acquire Daily Commendations and some useful tips about how to do them easily.

    This guide was designed to help you do the daily missions step by step, with indication regarding which direction to take once you completed a quest. Also, we modified maps to help you get a better understanding of the emplacement of missions and the possible rotations that you can do on a daily

  • Game Update 1.3: Augment Slots On All Gear
    BioWare’s David Hunt (Systems Designer) participated in a Q&A on the official forums, regarding the possibility to implement Augment slots on any type of gear, one of the most exciting features of the future Game Update 1.3:

    Bioware quote Posted by: David Hunt
  • Patch Notes 1.2.3a – 5/10/2012
    Bioware quote Posted by: Bioware (Live Patch Notes 1.2.3a)

    – An issue that caused some mission items (such as Matrix Cubes) to disappear from player inventories has been corrected. Players that were affected by this issue will find their Matrix Cubes restored. The restored Matrix Cubes can be re-equipped from the Mission Inventory (Press

  • May 10th Maintenance
    The may 9th unscheduled maintenance has been postponed for the next day. We are looking forward to see the Matrix Cube bug and other important issues fixed tomorrow. Here is BioWare’s official announcement:

    Bioware quote Posted by: BioWare
    We will be performing an unscheduled maintenance this Thursday, May 10th, 2012. Patch notes will be made available shortly after the servers come back up.

    The servers will be down for four

  • May 9th Unscheduled Maintenance [postponed]
    As a result of the unforseen issues that appeared post patch 1.2.3 (more info here), BioWare will deploy a patch on May 9th:

    Bioware quote Posted by: BioWare
    We will be deploying a patch and performing an unscheduled maintenance this Wednesday, May 9th, 2012. Patch notes will be made available shortly after the servers come back up.

  • The Matrix Cube Crisis
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ID:	2042Today, BioWare’s patch 1.2.3 came with some very needed fixes such as the cover bug, channeled abilities and GTN issues. Sadly, it also came with a negative surprise: from what it seems, Matrix Cubes have simply vanished without a trace for players that had it equipped.

  • Patch Notes 1.2.3 – 5/8/2012
    Updated with the “PVP” section which BioWare accidentally left out and added it post-patch release.

    Bioware quote Posted by: Bioware (Patch Notes 1.2.3)
    Classes and Combat


  • Endgame Color Crystals post 1.2 and how to obtain them!
    Hey everyone, color crystals in SWTOR are popular vanity items ever since the game’s launch. With the arrival of patch 1.2, we saw the introduction of several new crystal colors (Black-Orange, Black-Purple) as well as upgrades for several existing colors to their endgame stats (+41 crit/power/endurance/expertise). Unfortunately, the method to obtain these sometime rare color …

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  • How To: Backup/Share your interface
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    Have you ever wondered where are files that hold your SWTOR interface setup information?

    We know that this isn’t common knowledge (yet) so we recommended

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