We’ll Miss You Zalaxy!!

“A hacker received a 30 month in prison sentence for creating a botnet and a charge of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.


30-year old Joshua Schichtel had pleaded guilty to building the 72,000 computer net in 2009 as a service to customers who would ask him to infect computers with various types of malware. Apparently, Schichtel accepted a $1,500 payment from a customer in one specific case.

Following the 30 month prison term, Schichtel will have to comply with a 3-year of supervised release order. Joshua Schichtel has been involved iin a legal investigation before. He was included in a 2004 complaint in which he and others were accused of infecting thousands of users for the purpose of a Denial of Service attack.

The 2004 charges against the “DDoS Mafia” for hire were dismissed due to a passed indictment deadline.”

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