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  • UI Customization in patch 1.2
    Hey everyone, UI customization is a brand new feature bundled with patch 1.2. It is definitely something that should have been here since launch but as they say, it is better to be late than never! Most of the customization options are fairly simple and self-explanatory but I still want go over it with you …

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  • Game Update 1.2 – PTS Patch Notes 3/29/2012
    It seems that more Patch Notes from the PTS slipped under our radar for a short while, but we finally got them. So, here’s what’s new on the PTS. For the previous PTS Update (3/27), check out the patch notes here. War Hero gear requirements have suffered some changes (check out the updated info here).

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  • Game Update 1.2 – Guild Bank Sneak Peak
    Starting with Game Update 1.2, guild leaders and members will benefit from the much expected guild bank. That’s why we took a sneak peak at the guild bank system and related options on the PTS.

    Here is some useful information about guild banks that we were able to gather until now:

    Bank Storage

    – Each Tab has 90 slots
    – The first tab costs 600k credits ; the second one is 1mil credits ; the third one is 2 mil credits ; the fourth one is 3.5mil credits. You can purchase up to 8 Vault Tabs (we don’t know the price for the last 3 yet).


  • Game Update 1.2 – PTS Patch Notes 3/27/2012
    It seems that another PTS Patch has rolled on the server. This is the current Game Update 1.2 Patch present on the PTS.

    Bioware quote Posted by: Bioware (PTS Patch Notes – 3/27/2012)
    Classes and Combat


  • Preparing for patch 1.2
    Hey everyone, patch 1.2 will roll around soon (estimates for its deployment are early –mid April). This means that you have maybe about 1-3 weeks to be prepared for 1.2. What is there to prepare you ask? Plenty of things! If you are a huge overachiever, the next few weeks you will be quite busy! …

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  • Legacy system in 1.2
    Hey everyone, one of the major features that is coming up in  patch 1.2 is the Legacy system! For those not knowing what the Legacy system is, it is essentially a set of levels that every character in your account on the same server can contribute towards to. More Legacy levels will unlock cool new …

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  • Datacrons Organizer
    I know some of you repeatedly asked for a more organized chart/guide for all the datacrons. Well, now thanks to our own Dawkinzz, we have a brand new chart (aka the Datacrons Organizer), with all the datacrons (Empire, Republic and Neutral), nicely sorted by stats and matrix shards colors. We’ve included only the coordinates on these charts, if you want to see the full how-to get guides, don’t be shy…use our header menu or go directly to this article here.

  • 1.2 PvP: War Hero Gear Requirements / Old Commendations [Updated]
    Name:  PvP logo.jpg
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Size:  6.8 KBUpdated for the latest PTS Patch

    As most of you might know, Patch 1.2 will bring lots of changes to PvP. New gear (War Hero / Rated War Hero / Recruit) has been made available for players, while some old suits are getting removed from the game (Champion and Centurion). Also, your old commendations (Battlemaster / Champion and Centurion) will have a different use in 1.2.
    Of course, this is still on the PTS, so things might change at launch – let’s take a look and get ready for what’s waiting

  • Community Q&A: March 23rd 2012
    The time has come for the weekly community Q&A with Bioware’s Devs. Enjoy!

    Mksaccount: Are there any plans on adjusting rage timers in hard mode Flashpoints?

    Bioware quote Posted by: Gabe Amatangelo
    The team continues to tune Flashpoint bosses based on metrics and feedback. Bosses that are a ?spike? in the progression curve (e.g. when a second boss might be more difficult than the last) are being

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