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Guild Event @ 8:00 EST, Servers back up.

Update: Everything went better then expected. Event is still on, now at 8:00 EST instead of 7. Servers came back up around 4:00 Eastern.


I prefer quick bullet points to summarize what I’ll talk about later. So here ¬†it is:

  • The servers were taken down this morning for routine maintaince, players downloaded a 150 megabyte patch titled “1.2.0a”.
  • The patch optimized the Customer Service ticket system and allowed deletion of characters.
  • Upon the servers loading up, all physical assests from 1.2 were reverted to their 1.1.5 state.(New Vanity Pets, Ship Legacy Unlocks, Corellia Daily area, Guild Banks, etc.)
  • The old 1.1.5 Rare crystal vendor was discovered on the fleet again.
  • Servers were taken down after an hour of online time with no response from the devs besides emergency¬†maintenance.
  • Official Response posts the downtime as a lengthy process taking up to 8 hours, maybe more.
  • Servers should be up around 6:00 CDT.
  • Guild Event has been post-poned until 8:00 tonight or possibly tomorrow.

Ah fuck it. I don’t feel like writing that in long format. Simple concise bullet points did the job well enough.

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