Secret World Pre-Order now available. Beta Access Guaranteed.

The Secret World, an upcoming sci-fi mmorpg with an old school skill tree profession system, is now available for pre-order.

Pre-ordering the game will include:

  •  Able to play during the Beta Weekends which start May 11th.
  • Access to the official release servers 4 days before retail release(June 19th, 2012).
  • Able to reserve 1 characters name at time of purchase.
  • In-game ring that buffs early level XP.
  • In-game Unique T-Shit.
  • In-game early level pet that buffs one of your combat abilities.

A new trailer for the game was released as well which you can watch below:

[youtube id=”tj2pvmtcNYU” width=”600″ height=”350″]


The upcoming release has brought up the question that has to be asked. Has Funcom learned from their two previous failed launches? Funcom is the same developer who brought us the legendary game Anarchy Online and controversial Age of Conan. Both had remarkably similar launches with unfinished content across the board, extreme moderation of anything negative about the games in their respective forums, and overall a feel of an unfinished game. The director behind both games and their launches, Gaute Godager, left Funcom in 2008. Only after Age of Conan’s own players created a petition to fire Mr. Godager. The main director behind The Secret world is a fresh face named Ragnar Tørnquists. Only beta access will give us the chance to see. Here’s to hoping.

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