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Introducing Those People 2.0!

Now 2 times as much gay!


A lot has changed so I’m gonna just list the pros and cons of this new update:


  • Everything is integrated onto the website. One username/password to rule them all
  • Brand New Forums linked to your wordpress account
  • Calendar is now run on the website
  • Added a Chatbox to the side of the website for registered users
  • Added a Video Stream page to showcase our members video streaming habits


6 thoughts on “Introducing Those People 2.0!

  1. yeah, i’d tried to delete the post…but nm…anyhow, I can’t post anything in the forums. New topics or replies. Could be something with the ship and items that are blocked, but every time I try to post it acts like it’s posting but just brings me back to the same page without my post.


  2. This might bring to question “Well how the F are you posting then?!” Well I can do it if it’s on the main page as a comment, just not through the forum.

  3. Sorry about that keith. It wasn’t exclusive to you. Bronn brought it to my attention today as well. It was a combination of the cache plugin +spam detection. It should update now. Working on the captcha issue as we speak. 

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