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Do I have some numbers for you! In today’s post I wanted to share with everyone some very important numbers about SW:TOR.


For instance, did you know that Star Wars: The Old Republic has about 1,700,000 Monthly Subscribers? That statistic reportedly came from EA’s very own CEO in a investor conference.

Next up we have some estimates on the server data. Mind Trick is coming in as #4 for U.S. PvE in Population across the board.

To the left of this paragraph you can see a snapshot of the most populated U.S.-PvE Servers in Descending Order. Mind Trick comes in at number 4 for the entire U.S. in PvE only, and 2nd most populated for East Coast in PvE only. TorStatus does not have the number of players on each server. They only track the load of the server, if a server shows up as heavy more often then another server it is then deduced to have a higher population then the less heavy server.

To the right of this paragraph you can see an amazing snapshot produced by Dulfy. If you don’t know yet, Dulfy is pretty much THE God for Tor. She blogs pretty regularly on SW:TOR and has been the go-to source for anything. Dulfy created 2 characters on every server and charted the number of players on average. For more information on her methods see her original blog post here.

Dulfy has been the go to blogger for SWTOR

I just wanted to make a mention here. When SW:TOR first released we didn’t have a clue to what faction we were going to start with, what kind of server we were going to play on, or even what server specifically to pick. Krad stepped up to the plate here and picked a great server. Our Queue time’s were always low, but the server itself has never felt empty. Well, minus hoth. Just FUCK that planet.


Next up, Gear Crunching! Since this game is in large part gear dependent with skill only playing backseat for most of the game*, gear plays a huge factor. Some of you may enjoy comparing each other’s tools to see who has the biggest numbers, other may be curious about the differences in mod slots. Needless to say, I have some tools that may be of interest to you. is pretty much the default website to go to if you want to have any kind of reasonable gear discussion. At the moment, they have extensive guides up on every single advanced class. Some of these guides go into the dark abyss of exponential’s to discover the age old question, “What should my X stat be at?” The answer without pulling out the math is hard to explain. If you have to break it down into its most basic form, the answer to your question is that each of your secondary stats(Critical Rating, Alacrity, Surge, etc.) should stay within each other. The game has a diminishing return formula that rewards well balanced builds and punishes specialization of one stat. Have over 500 critical rating? You only get 3-6% more then someone with 250 critical rating. I digress, in summary you should go check that website out and read up on your class if you enjoy fine tuning.


This next piece of information should be handy for any players hoping to grind their companions affection. Aluki from the forums has been putting together a wonderful spreadsheet. For a quick check of how much affection you should be seeing you can see the original chart here, or a mocked up picture I put together to make the readability easier.  Another important piece of information that I’m sure everyone has been wondering is just how many gifts you need to max out affection if your starting at 0 points. Lucky for you I did the math for that as well. The path that requires the fewest gifts for a total gain of +10,000 affection is picking up 21 Rank 5 Purple Rarity gifts that your companion loves. For example Tharan Codex loves luxury items, I would need 21 Purple Luxury items to max out his affection. Now obviously that route is less then optimal, because who has seen 21 luxury items on the GTN period? A more efficient method is to buy for your current affection Rank, this results in a total of 26 Gifts bought. In case you weren’t aware, the game has a ranking system for affection. 0-1999=Rank 1, 2000-3999=Rank 2, etc. So if you get 6xRank 1 Gifts, 6xRank 2, 6xRank 3, 6xRank 4, and 6xRank 5 Gifts. This is much more efficient in requiring a total of only 6 more purples but 20 of those purples are much easier to obtain/buy. I’ll discuss this more on the forums to break it down in clearer terms.

Most importantly, we welcomed 2 new members into the fold! Jae’Jae and Pitts. As was stressed in the about us section, we like to keep the guild small and close knit. We only have 2 Ranks. The first is Recruit, this is the status given to anyone who joins us in any game. The second is Guild Member. Once you become a member, you are everything that we are. You are an officer, a friend, a lover, and another whiny voice in comms. Most recruits never make it to member, it takes a special kind of skin and appreciation to be accepted as one of us. With that said, we are now at 10 Guild Members. 40 Spots are left before we shut open season down. Hopefully, one day we can get more people to join us in our never ending quest to be Those People.


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